Pelosi On Virgin Sacrifices During Satanic Masses: “This Is Sacred Ground To Me As Well”

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Washington, DC––Members of the pro-life movement have denounced House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi after remarks that she, as a Catholic, viewed the protection of the sacrifice of virgins during Black Masses as sacred ground. “As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this,” Pelosi said in a statement last week, going on to say that the subject of sacrificing the life of a worthy virgin pleasing to the Dark Lord as deeply personal to priests and priestesses performing the sacred ritual. Leading Catholics were quick to denounce Pelosi’s statements, including Thomas Peters of who called the remarks “deeply offensive.” But Magistra and High Priestess of the Church of Satan Peggy Nadramia disagrees with those criticizing Pelosi, recently telling reporters that followers of the Most Unholy Lord Satan had a right to do what they wished in their ceremonies. “It’s our ceremonies and no one can tell us what we can or cannot do in them.”

  • Susan

    At first I thought someone was kidding about Pelosi. Is she serious? Maybe she
    is functionally possessed. According to Fr Malichi Martin people can “seem”
    normal but be possessed and it comes out in situations like this. Maybe the Botox has gotten to her.

  • Chuckleberry

    Susan: Many Catholics serious about their faith are finding EOTT to be required reading. You will read things here that no one else has the courage to say. Remember, if you read it on Eye of the Tiber, you can believe that someone wrote it.

    • Rob in Maine

      Is it just me, or do others also hear Survivor in their heads when they read the words “Eye of the Tiber” on the masthead or in any post?

      • Wildgraywolf

        Yup, same here. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

    • Martha

      Agreed! EOTT has news you will not find from other sources! You heard it here first! And will most likely not hear it again!

      I keep trying to find a pun in the name ‘Peggy Nadramia’ but am coming up empty. Anyone? Bueller?

  • Nancy Baum

    Great satire, if I have used this word correctly. I found your piece very entertaining. Thank you.

  • LeeStrong

    You made me smile!

  • james

    she’s an evil woman and against LIFE need I say more

  • timfromla

    Disclaimer: all articles contained within this website are pure satire!