Paula Deen Not In Hot Water After Using Anti-Catholic Slur

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Savannah, GA––Just weeks after admitting she used racist and anti-Semitic comments years ago, new video obtained by Radar Online shows celebrity chef Paula Deen making anti-Catholic comments to Food Network executive Ronald Fowler. The video, obtained by the entertainment and gossip website, shows Deen in her dressing room calling Fowler a “cookie-worshiping papist,” and going on to say that the “little cod-eating mackerel snapper” would lose his job if he didn’t do as he was told. But fans and celebrities have voiced their support for Deen, telling reporters that it was her right to say what she wanted under the First Amendment. In a written statement to the AP yesterday, Food Network President Tabitha McDonald defended Deen, saying, “We at the Food Network do not endorse her views or actions, but we endorse her rights under the First Amendment.” Sponsors have also flocked to Deen’s defense just days after severing ties after allegations that the Emmy Award-winning television personality made racist remarks years ago. “What some overly-sensitive Catholics are saying about her is unfair,” said a Target representative. “We felt that we needed to show her our support. We plan on renewing our relationship with her in the days to come.”

  • Frances Flynn – Barnard

    With Christians (including ministers and priest) being beheaded it seems to me that this debacle is a disgrace to humanity. I for one see G_d sitting in one of those white, plastic, rocking chairs laughing himself silly and asking His son, Jesus the Christ where he went wrong when creating the universe. “Dad”, Jesus says, “not to worry, the Duck Dynasty has taken over the world and the people are really happy, happy, happy! So why should we waste our time trying to talk with these humans who are crazed for pleasure. They are insane and their nonchalant reaction to the real disasters, tragedies and suffering is mind boggling and evidence that they can’t feel their brother or sister’s pain. The humans created in our image definitely have serious problems and I am not sure I want to deal with a mob gone insane. Maybe we should ask Lucifer or even the brothers and sisters of Duck Dynasty about, since they seem to pay more attention to us, than these wretched people who seem to rejoice in the condemning of one of their own to a hell on earth.” G_d fell asleep and Jesus went for a walk in the garden that once belonged to Adam and Eve remarking to himself that maybe tomorrow might be a good day for fire and brimstone to shake the earth, just a bit and then he quipped: “Yeh, right.”

  • Sarah

    Interesting, as her husband Michael was raised Catholic and her brother-in-law is a Catholic Priest. Did she perhaps make a poor joke?

  • Dick Schenk

    Ok, I am a bit offended by “the cookie worshipping papist” comment. If we made a similar comment about a Muslim belief, we might be killed in a different country. Regardless, this is America. Deen’s comment just shows an insight into the kind of person she is. I don’t like her but I wouldn’t fire her.

    People need to loosen up a bit. “Politically correct” translates often into oversensitivity. For year’s I have been called a “mackerel snapper” and have worn that badge proudly.

    People need to lighten up.

    • kathy

      Amen to that!

      • Ken

        Yes, we all have a right to hate speech and racist comments. No harm in that! Learn to take a racist, Cathopobic slur! It’s America!

    • ken canning

      Hey, we’re all entitled to a little racism and hate speech every now and then. Nothing offensive about racism. This is America! No one ever gets hurt by hate speech do they? Victims need to learn to take a bit of hate – especially if we pretend it’s funny!

    • John D

      Lighten up!? You moron! If she slurred a black or a Jew, she’d be fired PRONTO and you know it!! It’s always catholics who get screwed and everyone loves it, including the millions of dumbed-down “catholics.” It’s YOU who better wake up, turncoat!

    • maria ashton

      These comments are not about being politically correct or over sensitive. It’s time for Catholics to stand up and be counted, The First Amendment is for all Americans.
      Paula Dean (who appears to be very ignorant about the Catholic Church) can say what she wants to. We all can, but sometimes we must suffer the consequences.

    • Jeanne

      Actually, if Paula Deen had made a similar slur about a gay person, maybe then we’d see who the really sensitive people are…

  • Ms. Dean married a Catholic and his brother a Dominican Order priest was present at the chapel altar at the wedding. Was this before or after the anti-Catholic remark?

    • ken canning

      ‘So and so’ married a woman, and he has a sister who was present at the wedding… therefore he couldn’t possibly abuse his wife.

  • Fellas– it’s satire. Made up. Not real. Fictional


  • Dr. Eric

    People do not realize that this is a site dedicated to satire, like The Onion.

  • F.A.

    I am often more amused, frankly, by the commentators than I am by the story.

  • Audrey Glamour

    Erm…how long have some of the other commenters been reading Eye of the Tiber?

    Oh blogmeister, I fear you have been too subtle!

  • Reuben S

    Guys, this is a satire blog: it’s like ‘The Onion’ for Catholic news. She didn’t really say any of this.

  • Betty

    Folks, this is a satire website. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

  • Luke

    Dear clueless commenters, you’ve all been had by Eye of the Tiber, aka “The Catholic Onion” – this is satire, not real. Please go back to being offended by things that actually happened.

  • Aristides

    Dear nincompoops,

    This is satire.

  • Priest-in-waiting

    As this site gets more circulation (probably through Facebook sharing), it seems like a lot of people really don’t get the joke when they read the posts here…

  • Walter

    I think this is satirical article. Not to be taken as true.

  • Joel

    Proving once again, that she is a simple minded twit. But, there are eough others like her, to keep her franchise profitable.

  • Johann

    Oh my gosh people- it’s a satirical article. Geez Louise.

  • GOD loves each and every one, we have to think of love for one another, only then can we have happiness and peace with our neighbors. Don’t make life any worst, crying on TV apologising. As we get older, we are supposed to be wiser. Thank-you.

  • Elizabeth

    Sounds like Paula’s been reading Jack Chick tracts again…

  • jmstalk

    I hope Target is prepared to lose customers for its decision to defend this woman. Target has previously taken a stand in the cultural wars that divide this nation and that should come at the cost of losing half its customer base.

  • S.

    People are believing this! Poor Paula has enough grief to deal with, but the irony is right on.

  • Cecilia

    Although I don’t appreciate Paula talking that way about Catholics, since I’am one, I defend her right to say it. It’s a lot better than some people who put the crucifix in urine and call it art or protest at Masses by throwing condoms at the priests. I believe this was deliberately publicized to get yet another group to stop supporting her.

  • TG

    There’s no way all these comments can be real, right? … Right?

    Satire truly is a lost art. Dean Swift, thou shouldst be living in this hour…

  • Fr Bill Peckman

    And? I would suggest that we not indulge in the same thin skinned behavior so prevalent in this world. We need not be jumping on any bandwagons or joining any lynch mobs. I am not saying that what she said is right, but heaven knows we have much greater problems facing the Church in this country than what a chef has to say.

  • leo

    Shouldn’t the head line read “Guppy insults a mackerel?”
    (Of course we can forgive her, Catholics have a sense of humour too!. )

  • Viterbo Fangirl

    Well, Spirit Daily is SHOCKED!!! ^_~

  • Timotheos

    Somehow the insult of being a “cookie-worshiper” just dosen’t have that much of a sting coming from Paula Deen…