Dumbstruck Congregation Listens In Awe As “Judgmental” Pastor Delivers Sound Homily

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Encinitas, CA–Listening in shock and horror as a visiting priest delivered what many believed to be a judgmental homily earlier this morning, many parishioners at Sacred Heard Catholic Church in Encinitas, California, were traumatized after listening to what some called “the most sound homily they had ever heard.” “It was disgusting,” one parishioner, Debbie Locke, told EOTT. “This is a Church for goodness sakes.” Others also voiced their concerns saying that such filth should never be spoken anywhere, let alone in a church. “This is the house of God!” parishioner Bob Woodward said. “Is there no place left in the world where we can avoid hatred, injustice, judgment, and sound Catholic doctrine!” According to Woodward, a world that “did not allow for a women’s right to choose, or for two men to love one another” was not a world deserving of the King of Kings. The baffled and furious parishioner went on to explain how he was forced to flee Denver years ago after noticing a more prevalent and uncomfortable trend of sound homilies coming from several pulpits around the diocese. “The Bishop was doing nothing about it, so I fled with my family from Denver so that we could get away from that kind of critical and unwelcoming attitude. I chose to flee so that my Catholic children could grow up in a world that is accepting of all things…even if they’re not even remotely close to being in the same vicinity of being in line with Catholic teaching.”

  • Fr. Pietraszko

    I once had someone literally say, “We don’t come to Church to hear Catholic Doctrine, we come to the Church to feel good.” I thought it was a joke, so I laughed…they didn’t.

    • avgjoe

      Yes I used to live in northeast Ct and attend the Traditional latin Mass at St Josephs in Thompson CT where pastor Rev George Parker returned a donation from pro abortion senator Chris Dodd (1996) http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1298&dat=19960510&id=vP8yAAAAIBAJ&sjid=yQcGAAAAIBAJ&pg=4473,2395888 Anyway a couple came up to father 1 time after a homily on the evils of abortion & sin (at a Novus Ordo mass) & told father the same thing we come to church to fell good not hear about sin.

      • EileenDemirarslanMallon

        That is just so crazy

    • Susan

      Father, We have a good and holy pastor. But we also have the Parish Council who are part of the Peace and Justice Council, bulletin notices of Simone Campbell appearances and Telhard DeChardin spiritual retreats, to name a few. We have had quotes from Elinore Roosevelt on our street sign. During the petitions we pray for economic justice but we hear little about the life issues. I guess he would lose half the parish if he addressed true dogma and doctrine.

      • I know this is a hard thing to say – but I think you have to let them go. Jn 6:66 – he let them walk away: “After this many of his disciples drew back and no longer went about with him.” I think the point is that a faithful remnant is to be preferred over a church full of the lukewarm, to variously mix up verses.

        • Susan

          The problem is, the young people coming up are not being taught true Catholic doctrine. They think it’s all about peace and justice.

          • avgjoe

            Too many Christians not just Catholics are being “taught” that God loves everyone no matter what like hes a giant teddy bear in the sky. Well WE know yes God does love us BUT he is a just God & we will be judged for our sins

  • Miguel the Seminarian

    This is so interesting! I thought it was only happening in the seminaries across the US only, but it’s apparently happening across the nation in regular parishes. This is not what I signed up for, especially if my formation is meant to be grounded on logical and sound Catholic doctrine! I wonder if I should move countries?

    • Margarett Cahill Zavodny

      Satire, Miguel.

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  • Catholic Squid

    Seriously? This HAS to be from The Onion. If not, looks like I’m adding some more prayer intentions.

    • This is Eye of the Tiber – Breaking Catholic News so you don’t have to – so, I think this qualifies as parody and exaggeration to make a point. But, based on the comments, it hit home, didn’t it.

  • Mary Marks

    I applaud this priest!! he’s got guts! 🙂

  • avgjoe

    Remember folks this is Commiefornia left wing loons abound.

  • PureCatholic


  • ChitterChatter

    Bummer I wish this was for real

  • Robin Poe

    If a pastor preaches sound doctrine and people walk out. Then they have left the Church a long time ago.

  • EileenDemirarslanMallon

    Yeh give us priests that will make us feel comfortable with our sins, not priests that teach us what God expects him to teach so that we will know right from wrong. Do these Weak Catholics forget they have to die and face God.

    • RobertOrmsbee

      I advise you to be careful with satirical an d sarcastic comments–you might be misquoted. :/

  • Robbe Sebesta

    Um….why go to where they don’t believe as you do?

  • Nancy White

    You idiots think that God’s commandments and teachings “evolve” for you? HAHAHAHA!!!! He said “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!” What part of that do you not understand. If you are a real Christian, you were taught that ONLY God gives life and takes it away, A pregnancy IS LIFE. It is not an “inconvenience” or and “embryo” IT’S LIFE! You progressive Christians probably think the discovery of a single celled omega constitutes “life on Mars” , yet the creation of a baby, YOUR BABY doesn’t constitute a “miracle”. God will NOT change for you. Get the hell over it.