Seating For Mass Turns Chaotic After Ushers Call In Sick

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Moments after riot police stormed the church to restore order in the pews.

Moments after riot police stormed the church to restore order in the pews.

Bowie, Maryland–Mass at St. Alphonsus Parish in Bowie, Maryland quickly turned chaotic earlier this morning after all eight ushers called in sick with the flu. 66-year-old Herman Wible, who one of the first to arrive for the early-morning liturgy, said that “At first I thought that the ushers would soon arrive, so I just waited outside. But by 6:55, as more people came, it became clear that no ushers were showing up. We didn’t know what to do. No one knew which door to go through, much less which pew to sit in.” Another parishioner, Katherine Warfield, told EOTT that she had never witnessed such a scene in “all her years.” “People were sitting on top of each other…others were sitting on their heads, and one guy was sitting backwards. I even saw one poor woman screaming because six other people were sitting on top of her. I wanted to tell them that the rest of the pew was empty but, without an usher there to confirm that the seats weren’t being held for some group, I said nothing and just prayed for her.” Several reports say that the chaos truly began when it was time for Communion. “The church devolved into a scene of absolute madness,” one anonymous parishioner recalled. “It was horrible. We didn’t know which pews went first or which Eucharistic Minister to go to. Next thing you know the riot police are storming the church to restore order. And on top of all that, no one was there to urge those in a state of mortal sin to go to Communion anyway, so some people clogged up the pews.” Monsignor Alberto Casarella of the Archdiocese’s Office of the Liturgy told reporters hours after the Mass that new procedures would be instituted to prevent such mishaps in the future. But no one knows how long-lasting the impact of this event may be.

  • AnneG

    I bet everybody thought they were at Maria Auxiliadora in Guatemala. Indeed, no ushers!

  • Philip Sieve

    Are they mental? Is there an ex-super-celebrity-turned-priest offering up the holy sacrifice of the Mass?

    • Nicki

      This is a joke page, like “The Onion.”

  • Jane777

    My parish doesn’t have ushers herding us to communion. We just know how lines work….The first time I went to a parish with herding ushers my eyes bugged out, because there was no way for people to not receive the Eucharist without putting their dirty sneakers on the pews so everyone can go around them. They can’t wait at the pew end for everybody to go past them up to communion because the usher’s in the way.
    I actually considered speaking in mass although I’m a traditional Catholic to ask him to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY.