Pope Francis Apologizes For Prank Video Message To Evangelicals

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Pope Francis is apologizing this morning after it was revealed that a video of the Pontiff calling for “communion” with Protestant communities was actually a prank. In a candid video taken from an iPhone earlier this morning, Francis expressed regret for the video sent to a recent gathering of Charismatic and Pentecostal ministers hosted by Kenneth Copeland, in which he stated that he desired “Christians to become one again.”

“No joke, Benedict and I were having a couple glasses of wine, and I remember saying, ‘You dare me? Let’s make a bet on it.’ I said there’s no way they fall for it,” Francis said in his video. “So I bet him that there was no way in a million years that you guys would fall for it. And that line about Catholics and Protestants being brothers and that we should all give each other spiritual hugs? Honestly? Benedict literally spit out his wine. I’m sorry and all, but come on…you actually fell for the whole ‘The miracle of unity has begun stuff?’ Seriously…now I’ve lost the bet and have to wear his red shoes all of Lent.

Francis also went on to say that he was utterly flabbergasted that the Pentecostals believed that they could truly become one with the Catholic Church despite the little fact that they are not even close to being in the same vicinity of agreement on core issues like the Canon of Scripture, the Virgin Birth, Clergy, Confessions, Eucharist, Contraception, and so on.

Francis did end his video on an positive note, though, saying that, “Other than that long list of Church teachings that you all disagree with, as well as your rejection of papal authority and the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, yes, we are one.

  • Paul Schumann

    hahaha the red shoes!

    • Lee Bacchi

      Yes, that was a genius touch!

      • Micha_Elyi

        Those red shoes are a tough Lenten penance for anyone plagued with foot-in-mouth disease. They taste bad!

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  • Father David Sharland

    I was trying to figure out the good of this utterly sarcastic article. Not sure it builds up anyone or anything. Funny? I don’t think so. I guess this is your M.O., but I am not sure where you are headed in the long run with this approach. Respectfully, Father David

    • Salvelinus

      It’s a play on the whole “false ecumenism” thing….. get it?

      • I do get it, but I don’t find sarcasm a good way to communicate a thought. It is not direct, and is not kind. It’s a dig. That’s why sarcasm (literally, “a tearing of the flesh”) is not good. That is where I am coming from.

        • John Kloess

          Respectfully Father, sarcasm can actually be a great tool for evangelization. (Take St. Jerome for example.)

        • Paul Schumann

          I forget who said it (possibly John Zmirak, that master of wit) but people today aren’t likely to be turned away from the faith by some philosophical treatise. Rather its the standup comic or the fake news hour comedy show that pokes fun of the faith by making it seem old fashioned.
          The best way to fight back is with humor of our own.
          And the gentle barbs featured in this piece are only of danger to those of our brothers in Christ with very thin skin.

        • Paula Warnes

          Father, If you don’t like sarcasm, you are on the wrong website!

  • Richard Collins

    Excellent (and very funny).

  • Salvelinus


  • Eleanor

    Which evangelicals don’t believe in Virgin Birth? It doesn’t help when we misrepresent other faiths. (Yes, I know it’s a joke article.)

  • Maggie

    I liked the part about Pope Emeritus Benedict spitting out his wine…

  • pat

    Impossible – everyone knows that pope Francis never apologizes for anything he’s said or done… Apologizing for everything the church has ever said or done before him, – that – he’s good at, but for his own acts – never. (more remarks deleted for charity sake)