Pope Francis Gets Last F-Bomb Out Of System before Giving Up Cussing For Lent

March 4, 2014 by  
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VATICAN–His Holiness Pope Francis shocked the world today during a Papal Audience when he let one last F-Bomb fly before giving up cursing for Lent. “Those of us who are attached to the pleasures of this world, such as gambling, amassing wealth, or being addicted to having [expletive]…I mean, having fun…must make an effort this holy season of Lent to put aside the pleasures of the world and turn to our Messiah for healing and comfort,” Pope Francis said to a large group in St. Peter’s Square. The Holy Father then encouraged all the Faithful to go to confession near the beginning of Lent, if possible immediately after the audience, like right now when he goes back inside, to start Lent fresh. Or maybe tomorrow is better, in case you kind of overdo it with the whiskey during Fat Tuesday celebrations.