Soccer Player Miraculously Rises To Feet Seconds After Writhing In Pain On Ground

June 20, 2014 by  
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BRAZIL–Thousands of soccer fans around the globe were witness to the miraculous recovery of an Italian soccer player this morning after he was viciously tapped in the thigh by a Costa Rican defender.

It happened in the 23 minute of a game between Italy and Costa Rica earlier today when Italian striker Mario Balotelli went down after being ever so gently tapped in the thigh by Costa Rica’s Bryan Ruiz.

One witness  told EOTT moments after the game that, although the foul did not look bad from the numerous replays that were shown of the incident that led to Balotelli falling to the ground as though he had just been shot by a sniper, that fans knew it had to be serious the moment Balotelli began screaming in agony as he decided whether to clutch at his left or right thigh.

“I remember the entire stadium became quiet,” said Italy fan Floriana Abate. “Everyone in the stadium dropped to their knees and began to pray to St. Sabastian. There was not even a scratch on Balotelli, so we believed it must have been internal bleeding.  Still, most of us could not even look at the poor man suffering. It looked like someone was stabbing him in the thigh over and over again. Many people were in tears, and those who did look began to scream to God to help him. Watching this poor man suffering so much…we did not think he was going to make it.”

But just seconds after the collision, video of the game shows Balotelli miraculously rising to his feet as though nothing had ever happened. Witnesses say that people in the stadium began to praise God for the miracle, including the players on the field who dropped to their knees and began to say a rosary in thanksgiving.

“How someone can recover so quickly, so instantaneously…this is surely the work of God,” Abate continued. “My sister…my sister was an atheist before we walked into the stadium. Not so anymore.”

  • Alfredo Nevarez

    If he sought the intercession of soon to be Blessed Fulton Sheen, perhaps this can lead to a canonization

  • As a Costa Rican, this recount of the game is so (funny? xD) realistic and !

  • Chrysologos

    Grateful as Balotelli must be for his wondrous recovery, such cures are in fact extremely common at football games. The saints must be avid fans, so swift are they to intercede for players so grievously, and so often injured.

  • Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas

    “…this is surly the work of God,…” Perhaps we would prefer SURELY to have seen the Breath of God in this event…

    • Lee Bacchi

      Don’t call him Surely!

  • PureCatholic

    I cracked up soooooo bad lol

  • steve5656546346

    Perhaps this is an advance miracle for Pope Francis? (There seems to be a rush on to canonize all recent Popes. Is there some concern that they may spoil on the shelf, or what?)

    • AnneG

      No, that will only work for Argentine players.

  • Adam Hovey

    It would be in the Millions, not thousands