Elderly Woman Mumbling Words Of Consecration From Pew

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Image: John Snyder

Parishioners at the Catholic parish of St. Adelaide let out a sigh of relief during Mass this morning after parishioner Veronica Hough validated the consecration by mumbling the words of institution along with the priest.

Many parishioners reported to EOTT after the Mass that they were afraid 74-year-old Hough had forgotten her duty as co-consecrator after parish priest Fr. Ronald Sterling began the consecration without her.

“There was a couple seconds there where Fr. Ronald was up at the altar saying the words of consecration all by himself. I remember looking over to my wife and my wife looking at me wondering why the heck Veronica wasn’t co-consecrating like she always does. But then she started and you could see everyone in the church let out this collective sigh. My wife reminded me after the Mass how close we had come to receiving only half-consecrated Eucharist. Scary.”

  • glol

    • Lee Bacchi

      I know what lol means but not glol, Please enlighten, thanks!

      • Sure!

        It means: GNU LOL.

        • LatinMassType

          I like the OLD LOL better.

          • Alexander

            Personally, I am a fan of the Traditional Latin form, ROC. That is what St. Jerome used when he was writing the Latin Vulgate, until Pope St. Innocent thought it would be better to be a bit more formal.

        • T. Audrey Glamour

          I see that GNU respects your freedom!

          More precisely, it refers to four kinds of freedom…

          Okay, not on topic. But interesting none the less!

  • Ashley

    OMG, you mean it’s not just my parish? I mean, I respect the desire to want to “co-consecrate,” I’m with her; and I know my frustration that she’s “ruining my aesthetic experience” is completely selfish but … why do they say the words out loud? When did this become popular?

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      I have heard that it was not done when Latin was used. And is not done today when the Roman Canon is used.

      Can anyone confirm this?

      • James Kachman

        “was not done when Latin was used”
        What you’re talking about is people using the Roman Canon, or the Traditional Latin Mass. It celebrated now is the same as it was before, so it was silent then and silent now. The Priest is much much quieter during the Latin Mass.

        • Sigroli

          The Roman Canon is also used in the Ordinary Form as “Eucharistic Prayer I”. It is essentially the same as in the EF except for the placement of the Mysterium Fidei.

      • Ginkgo100

        You win the “Catholic Godwin’s Law” award! (Catholic Godwin’s Law: As an online discussion among Catholics grows longer, the probability of a reference to the use of Latin in the liturgy approaches 1.)

        For the record, it’s not done in the Tridentine Mass, but ONLY because the priest says the words of institution inaudibly, so nobody else can speak along with him.

        • Steve D.

          You win the Mark Shea award, for being a neoCatholic dolt.

          • Ginkgo100

            “NeoCatholic”? What does that even mean? Please, tell me, so I can know whether I truly am a “neoCatholic dolt” or just a regular Catholic dolt.

        • T. Audrey Glamour

          For the record, I recently attended an Extraordinary Form Mass invited by my Latin Mass type friend who had also invited another woman. This woman, who had a shiny new missal did intone the institution along with Father Godwin, though it’s hard to tell if she was keeping pace with him or not. I rather liked her doing it since she was doing it in English!

          Then as Father started the Agnus Dei she turned to my Latin Mass friend and whispered rather loudly, “Are you going to be Eucharistic Minister?”

          So it can happen.

    • echolynn

      Perhaps you should rethink your use of the Lord’s name in vain as you complain of another’s words 😉

      • Joseph Reed

        God is not his name. The tetragrammaton is his name.

        • please explain “tetragrammaton” because I’m sure if i google it I will get hours of fun and still not know how you understand it. Thank you for enlightening us all.

          • Joseph Reed

            It refers to His Name as He revealed it to Moses. Tetragrammaton literally means “4 letters” thus referring to the 4 letter Hebrew name translated into English as “I am who am”. God is what He is. But the tetragrammaton is His name. I’m intentionally not spelling out the actual tetragrammaton as we are encouraged not to do so.

          • Julian Glass

            How informative! You must be on Adonai’s Christmas card list.

          • Joseph Reed

            Maybe I’m being a bit dense here, but I’m not aware of what Adonai’s Christmas Card list is.

          • ProIsrael

            Its “Jehovah”. There, I’ve done it for you since I am encouraged to do so <3

          • Joseph Reed

            For the sake of clarification, it’s YHWH.

      • Ginkgo100

        Um, last I checked, “OMG” is an abbreviation. A minced oath, in other words. Look it up.

        • JE

          I’m pretty sure it means “Oh My Goodness.”

        • Jude

          Oh my gosh.

        • Sigroli

          It’s the first three words of the traditional Act of Contrition…

        • Allen Lyons

          Oh, my gracious!

        • Guy McClung

          Oh my gosh!

  • William Mastrangeli

    I’ve always, just out of habit mumbled them as the priests(s) say(s) it. I think it helped me understand the Mass when I was little.

  • Sr. Mary Brigid

    Not to worry! As long as the laity held hands during the Our Father, the Mass would still be valid.

    • Jonathan Lyng

      And you forgot the ultimate valididation: the choirboy has to ring the bell for 30 seconds too long. But I guess the obvious was implicit.

      • T. Audrey Glamour

        Bell? What bell?

        • Thibaud313

          Thank you for writing what everybody was thinking

          • Guest

            I meant altar boy.

          • T. Audrey Glamour

            Or girl.

            In this particular parish.


          • ThereseZ

            we have bells….and girls. a little good, a little bad.

        • Andrew Bowden

          The liturgical dancers are supposed to have bells in both hands. Unless of course they have some sort of ribbon or banner.

        • Guy McClung

          Bells? We don’t need not stinkin’ bells to abscond with a liturgy!

    • Mara319

      Right, Sister. Never mind the “small minded rules.” Go for the “BIG minded rules,” as the Pope exhorts all to do. Whatever “big-minded” mean.

      • Almario Javier

        And once again, we have sarcasm failure.

    • fredx2

      I was taught in Catholic school that we need three things for a valid consecration: the handshake of peace, holding hands during the our father, and a shrieky voiced lady singer capable of raising one hand.

      • Sr. Mary Brigid

        Ah, you mean for the Responsorial Psalm? So THAT’S why no one responds when I lead, my voice is not shrieky enough. I learn something new every day on EOTT!

      • Guy McClung

        but if at anytime anyone says the word “sin” out loud, you have to start the whole meal over

    • Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

      What about the beautiful Liturgical Dance? Or blowing bubbles during Elevation?

      • Rick Gutleber

        Liturgical Dance is only for Low Mass. At High Mass, there are giant puppet heads.

  • Cajun

    There should have been no fear on the part of the parishioners; did they not know that Cardinal Kasper’s intercessory prayers would here be efficacious as always? How weak is their faith! Lukewarm!

  • LOL

  • tlzita

    My 5 year old son often does that. I have mixed feelings about it. I like that he is paying attention….

    • Vince M Sr

      He is getting ready for his future job. I did it as an alter server but choose a divergent pathway which blocked me from becoming a priest so please don’t discourage it. The Prayer of Consecration is the most beautiful prayer of The Church and it sure can’t hurt in the foundation for Faith development.

  • I thought she was mumbling the rosary…

  • Guy McClung

    I see no mention here of all the priests (and priestesses) at the meal STANDING for the consecration. It is discriminatory and partriachical for one dominant male presider to stand while everyone else kneels. One parish in Spring TX, planning a new ampitheater for the meal, very rich parish, said “So sorry we do not have enough money for kneelers in the new arena”. Another out there had ushers go to anyone heretical enough to try to kneel during the consecration and told them that “we don’t do that here.”

  • LX5000

    I understand that Mrs. Veronica Hough will now be hearing confessions, Saturday between 4 to 5pm.

  • Joe Cole

    I know that this post is a joke. I also know that people make satirical comments on the satirical site. I would like to step beyond all of that for a moment. I was at a church and the above article is almost exactly what happened.

    • Sr. Mary Brigid

      Yes, there is always some truth in satire.