Elderly Woman Mumbling Words Of Consecration From Pew

December 16, 2014 by  
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Image: John Snyder

Parishioners at the Catholic parish of St. Adelaide let out a sigh of relief during Mass this morning after parishioner Veronica Hough validated the consecration by mumbling the words of institution along with the priest.

Many parishioners reported to EOTT after the Mass that they were afraid 74-year-old Hough had forgotten her duty as co-consecrator after parish priest Fr. Ronald Sterling began the consecration without her.

“There was a couple seconds there where Fr. Ronald was up at the altar saying the words of consecration all by himself. I remember looking over to my wife and my wife looking at me wondering why the heck Veronica wasn’t co-consecrating like she always does. But then she started and you could see everyone in the church let out this collective sigh. My wife reminded me after the Mass how close we had come to receiving only half-consecrated Eucharist. Scary.”