BREAKING: New England Priest May Have Deflated Parishioner Enthusiasm During Homily

January 23, 2015 by  
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Things are beginning to get interesting in New England after Archbishop Sean Patrick O’Malley met with the media yesterday and said he knew nothing about whether or not a diocesan priest purposely deflated parishioner enthusiasm for the Church during last Sunday’s homily.

The homily, which many are now calling  “fluffgate” because of its absence of any substance, has brought nationwide attention to the small Catholic parish. O’Malley said he was shocked by the allegations and seemingly placed the parish priest Fr. Thomas Brady under the bus, indicating that [Brady] would know more since pastors are more sensitive to the weight of their homilies.

Brady was originally scheduled to talk to the press tomorrow, but that was moved up in light of the news and circumstances surrounding the gravity of how lackluster and mind-mindbogglingly dull the homily was.

Catholic blogger Jon Sorensen told EOTT that the bland homily the parishioners received was not the first time, nor would it be the last time a priest completely and utterly sucked the Christian energy from a congregation.

“I think Catholics would be shocked to know that these types of unimaginative homilies happen more often than they think,”  Sorensen said. “What am I talking about…no Catholic would be shocked to know this.”

  • Seth Murray


    We sadly discovered that our recently-appointed priest’s homilies are, to put it nicely, completely unintelligible.

    What pushed us to seek a different parish was the discovery that they were likely unintelligible to him, as well, as highlighted by his decision to gradually work profanity into them… perhaps to see if anyone was listening… or even still awake.

  • Pam

    I feel guilty that we have wonderful Dominicans teaching us through thoughtful homilies week after week, whilst so many suffer to keep their Christian joy.

  • Ok, so where is the satire?

  • William

    As long as you don’t point and laugh when he’s reciting the incantations to summon the edible, tri-sectioned One. They might burn you as a witch if they catch you mocking priestcraft.

    • Adam Hovey

      Guessing you’re one of them there Atheists that things us ignant Christuns are all Modalists’

  • Sr. Mary Brigid

    Brady faces grave consequences: the last Pastor convicted of this was sentenced to watching 40 days straight of back-to-back Joel Osteen sermons.

    • Anthony Doyle

      Hey I thought you Americans had Constitutional Rights? I heard the Osteens preach here in Australia. Listening to more than one Osteen sermon in a row would surely be a ‘cruel and unusual punishment’

    • Martha Hardcastle Guthrie

      Noooo Joel Osteen! Aaugh!

    • Bil Carter

      As far as sentences go, I think St. Lawrence got a better deal.

  • Kim Poletto

    Dude you are brilliant.

  • kamiller42

    Fluffy homilies avoid offending. Avoid offensiveness avoids donation withholding.

  • Dan

    Go in peace, living just like you are used to living, and doing the same things you always do, being nice and serving the Lord and each other.
    Thanks be to the great dude in the sky who doesn’t really care about what we do, as long as we don’t offend anyone.

  • Lawrence Lam

    I wonder what type of sermon this parish will hear from the priest visiting from Seattle.

  • Paul Schilling

    I think most of the Churches today preach a “feel good” Theology, if someone wants that let them go. No matter how good or how bad the homilist is as long as the folly of the cross is preached people need to listen.

    • J. E. Sigler

      What if the homily is so bad that we can’t actually tell what the point of it is, but the priest thinks it’s the folly of the Cross?

      I’ve heard a few of those.

      Quality matters.

  • Matthew Newland

    Man, those priests are always bumming me out too. :/