Vatican Threatens To Relocate Holy See To Los Angeles If Rome Doesn’t Build New Retractable Roof Basilica

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Meeting with Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino’s nine-member basilica advisory group for the first time this week, representatives of the Catholic Church provided a blunt assessment on the city’s effort to build a new retractable roof basilica that would keep the Church in Rome.

Giuseppe Bertello, the Church’s President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State and point person on the basilica issue, provided a copy of the remarks that the Church presented to the advisory group in a private session on Monday.

“It would not be fair to the Church, a religious institution that has worked for 400 years to find a basilica solution in Rome, to allow other ecclesial communities to come in to Italy and to acquire property the Church has so longed for,” Bertello said.

In the six-page letter, Bertello emphasized the Church’s effort to get a new basilica built in town, and the potential threat of other ecclesial communities moving to the Rome market.

“The Church will suffer if the city continues to help fund Protestant and Jewish communities in Rome and give them funds to build state-of-the-art retractable mega-churches and synagogues.”

In January, a developer and a company operated by mega-church pastor Stan Williams unveiled plans to build an 80,000-seat church in Rome on land he owns near the Palatine Hill.

While keeping an eye on what happens on the Palatine Hill, Bertello said the Church remains committed to finding a solution for a new basilica in Rome, and will work with the task force to arrange the participation of Vatican executives at a future meeting so the group can speak directly to government officials.



  • Jim Schaper

    I always thought The Vatican should have an open-air basilica, but then I realized the smoke of Satan would rain on The Church.

  • Michael Burmeister

    So if the Holy See moves to LA…does that mean that Gomez would be the Pope?

    Wonder what name he’d take…

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      If the Holy See moves to LA will they could use the present Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels for the new basilica!!!!!

      • fredx2

        Finally – Cardinal Mahony’s vision vindicated! At last, Klingons will feel welcome while attending services.

    • fredx2

      Pope Hollywood I.

    • Mara319

      Pope Suburban I.

  • Shaun McAfee

    🙂 <—- my face when I see a new Eye of the Tiber post.

  • William

    Would the retractable roof exist to let the pollution in or out?

    • Adrian Johnson

      Smog in, Smoke of Satan out.

  • I’ll grant you that there’s virtually no parking at the current location, and the lack of luxury boxes is a disappointment to some. However, the story fails to note that the Catholics may have to share the new facility with the Buddhists and the Southern Baptists, both of which are rumored to be considering a move to LA as well.

  • john

    It’s about darn time. I’m sick of having my view of the consecration obstructed by those ridiculously sublime Bernini columns. With a 40-cubit HD screen suspended from the nave, I’ll be able to see all the sweet transubstantiation action (plus replays–did the pope have both feet in the sanctuary when he pronounced the words of consecration?) without having to avert my eyes from the heavens.

    • AreAy

      This comment.

    • newguy40

      Nah… man, you need to subscribe to the new Dish network! I get access to hundreds of Mass worldwide every Sunday! You’ll need that when play off time (err.. advent) comes to see ALL of the action! The Shrine of the Assumption, Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, Notre Dame de Paris, St Patrick’s Cathedral
      Melbourne, St Mark’s Basilica

  • Jim

    I only hope the Pontifical Commission has read all the reports from the Subcommittee on Pigeons.

  • All I have to say is they better have a LOT of room for tailgating before the Angelus

    • Jim

      As Fr. Stan Fortuna sang, “Ain’t no party like a Catholic party!”

  • Donald Meinshausen

    The Cardinals play well but the cheerleaders?

  • Jared B.

    As a Seattle resident, this strikes some deep NBA nerves >_<

  • disqus_r2vlGJtrym

    I say why not! A great idea I think. The Church needs to begin thinking outside the box. This could be a tremendous revenue generating idea. I know you think I am kidding but…consider….hosting a Super Bowl…cage fighting matches, boxing championships, etc. It is time to call Jerry Jones and I mean now!

  • Maferick

    Won’t some of the Protestant churches be Charging in to Raid all of the blessing in Los Angeles?

  • William

    Would this be to let the stink out or more pollution in? This joke was funnier when it was done by The Onion.

  • Mara319

    And I thought the Vatican has indeed moved to the “Crystal Cathedral” in L.A.

    I see, not till 2016?

    I’ve never been there, but are the cathedral walls so transparent that Mass could be seen miles away? Will there be loudspeakers all around the “campus?” Will there be “drive-by” communion rails?

    • Adrian Johnson

      Yes, but does the Crystal Cathedral have comprehensive earthquake insurance?

  • James Heath

    I heard Miami has thrown their hat in the ring. They are betting that the area’s large Cuban community, excellent climate, and reasonable proximity to Central and South America, will sway Pope Francis to ignore other bids.

  • Jim

    Los Angeles. Man. First the Dodgers, now the curia. Where does it stop?

  • Ignatz

    Hey, they wound up relocating to Avignon, pretty much because of the weather.

    • Adrian Johnson

      AND the great wine-producing vineyards. . . .

  • Joseph


  • Ray Nitsche

    Do you see a hockey team in the future?

  • Adrian Johnson

    Houston has that old empty Astrodome just sitting there — world’s first retractable dome. Also has skyboxes. The old mega-scoreboard could be re-programmed to do bells & fireworks at Sanctus and elevation. And parking ? hundreds of acres. Plenty of room for tailgate parties after mass. There’s even a luxury suite for the Pope and for a few select curia.
    Houston will underbid any other city. Come to Texas, and Let’s talk real estate !