Vatican Does Not Deny Francis Visit With Tom Brady; Tells QB To “Stay Strong”

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Image: Andrew Campbell/Flickr

Image: Andrew Campbell/Flickr


A source close to Pope Francis this week reported to the media that His Holiness met privately in Washington last week with Tom Brady, the quarterback in New England who defied an NFL order to not deflate balls and cheat during games.

Senior Vatican officials initially did not confirm that the meeting had occurred until Wednesday afternoon, though they refused to discuss any of the details.

Mr. Brady, the star quarterback in Foxborough, Massachusetts, has been at the center of a nationwide controversy over whether quarterbacks of private football franchises have a legal right to deflate footballs used during NFL games.

On Tuesday night, Brady’s lawyer, Benjamin D. Alexander, said that Mr. Brady was sneaked into the Vatican Embassy by car on Thursday afternoon. Francis gave Brady his rosary and told him to “stay strong,” the lawyer said. Brady met for about 15 minutes with the pope, who was accompanied by security guards and aides.

“I put my hand out and he reached and grabbed the football I was spinning in my hand, and I hugged him and he hugged me,” Brady said Wednesday in an interview with EOTT. “He thanked me for my courage, then began to deflate the football. We both started laughing and we high-fived.”

“I had tears coming out of my eyes,” Brady went on to say. “I’m kind of a big deal, so it was really humbling for him to think I would want to meet or know him. It made me feel good to do something like that for somebody who’s not as good looking as I am.”

For the most part, Francis avoided any inflammatory talk about NFL controversies during his U.S. trip, and early in his papacy even signaled a tolerant attitude about cheaters with his now famous comment, “Who am I to deflate?” In his final Mass in Philadelphia just hours before his departure back to Rome, Francis said that God is revealed through the “covenant of one man and one ball.”

  • Cminor

    Sometimes, they just sort of write themselves, don’t they? Sigh.

  • kamiller42

    Another work of art from the EOTT keyboard.
    “He thanked me for my courage, then began to deflate the football. We both started laughing and we high-fived.” early in his papacy even signaled a tolerant attitude about cheaters with his now famous comment, “Who am I to deflate?” LOL! Thank you for the humor from a disappointing situation.

    • wiffle

      I see the humor but I’m also missing it too. The Kim Davis story was pretty badly reported IMO. I think what she actually wanted waa pretty legit and the judge did a pretty poor job in handling it. Was it disappointing that the Pope met with her or that it was kept secret?

      • kamiller42

        The disappointment is it was kept secret and members of the hierarchy are backing from the meeting as if it was all an unexpected mistake. But meeting with murderers like the Castros and an infanticide supporter like Obama, no problem.

        • wiffle

          Okay. We’re in agreement then. Maybe I need to re-read it. At least I got it waa supposed to be funny. 🙂

          • Cminor

            As I read it, it was more a commentary on the relative popularity of Ms. Davis and Brady than an equating of their respective actions. One would think to read some of the news treatment of the poor woman that she was some kind of cartoon super villain; Thus the parallels here with somebody who really is kinda shady were, I thought, deliciously ironic.

      • idea murphy

        It was disappointing that the Vatican felt the need to distance itself from her good and holy sacrifice. The queers had a hussy and pope f buckled. Any question about who is really running the show???

        • Even in jest, please do not call those of us with SSA “queers.” I have same-sex attraction, am a celibate Catholic Christian, and am every bit as disappointed as you are. Even on this site, please treat all people with dignity. Thanks and God bless.

          • Monk

            I only recently discovered this website, and found the best comments to be those which spin the satire, not those expressing opinions or commentary. Your request is appropriate on a number of levels.

          • And, to that point, I nearly laughed my football helmet off hehe…thanks Monk!

  • Sr. Mary Brigid

    When the Holy Father forgives Bill Buckner, THEN we will understand the wideness of God’s mercy.

    • ithakavi

      If you were a Mets fan, Buckner’s play at first was an example of God’s mercy.

      • samton909

        Mookie Wilson!

      • Hotrod1962

        In 1969, God definately was a Mets fan….no doubt about it…they were called the Miracle Mets for a reason.

        • Jim

          God, as played by George Burns, did indeed claim the ’69 Mets as a miracle.

          • Hotrod1962

            Yes Jim, I remember that movie. I grew up in NYC and was there. Trust me, it was a miracle.

    • Burger Brian

      Our Lady of the Hub of the Universe has promised that no Sox fan will ever have to spend time in purgatory as we have suffered enough here on earth.

      • Hotrod1962

        With all due respect, the Sox have won 3 World Series since 2004. Maybe Our Lady should concentrate more on the Chicago Cubs.

  • ithakavi

    I’ll bet that pumped him up.

  • samton909

    Tom Brady is a saint in New England, so of course the Pope is going to meet with a living saint.

  • Thibaud313

    Hello Eye of the Tiber ! I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on you, but I think you realize your reporting on the upcoming Synod may be one of the few things keeping a lot of your readers from killing themselves during it.

    Again, no pressure.

    • idea murphy


    • Casper

      That’s why I came here today!!

  • I am not Spartacus

    The Patriots stole their championships fair and square and anyone who thinks otherwise is just jealous of their success and those that disrespect their successful cheating (the best cheaters ever – EVA- ever) are no different than those who hate America for its cheating; not of nothing are they called the Patriots, and, for crying out loud, they are dressed in red, white, and blue and if you don’t like it, just remember what happened to Manuel Noriega who bet against the Patriots.