California Lawmakers Pass New Opposite-Sex Marriage Ban

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SACRAMENTO–New marriages involving people of the opposite sex will be banned in California under a new bill passed by the democratic-led state legislature on Wednesday, and those couples already married will have to register as “domestic partners.” The measure, which passed the State Assembly 74-1, will now be passed on to Governor Jerry Brown for his signature after amendments are approved... Read More

Landmark Win For Individuals Who Experience And Act Upon An Exclusive Or Predominant Attraction Toward Persons Of The Same Sex

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Supreme Court Ruling

Washington, DC––In a landmark win for thousands of people across America who suffer with and act upon homosexual tendencies, the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. The ruling came as welcomed news to hundreds of people gathered outside the Supreme Court who may or may not have recently acted upon intrinsically evil homosexual acts... Read More

Scalia Beheaded For Wearing Thomas More Hat To Inauguration

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Washington, DC––Just one day after he was seen wearing a replica of the cap made famous by 16th century martyr Thomas More, thousands of onlookers today witnessed the beheading of Justice Anton Scalia in the National Mall. Under heavy security, Scalia, a conservative jurist in the Supreme Court, was escorted out of the National Mall by officials for questioning immediately after the Presidential... Read More

New Poll Shows 50% Of Catholics Disagree With Jesus’ Stance On Gay Marriage

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Novi, MI––A new poll out today shows that about half of Catholics in America still disagree with the Second Person of the Trinity’s stance on gay marriage. The automated poll, commissioned by the USCCB, asked 10,000 Catholics whether they agreed with Jesus’ objection to gay marriage. Of those polled, half said they disagreed with Jesus’ stance because they believed an objection... Read More

New Archbishop Of San Francisco Overjoyed To See City’s Devotion To God’s Covenant With Noah

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San Fransisco, CA––The new Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, said Thursday after his installation that he was completely overjoyed and overwhelmed to see that the city had such a devotion to God’s covenant with Noah. “Who knew there could be so many rainbows in one place?” he happily said to reporters that had gathered after Mass. The 56 year old Archbishop... Read More