Pope Hosts Interfaith Peace Gathering Between Vatican And Priestly Fraternity Of St. Peter In Assisi

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Image: RyansWorld In what Pope Francis called “the first ever interfaith peace gathering between the Vatican and the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) ” in Assisi, the Pontiff told those gathered that “calling people rigid in the name of God does not represent the true nature of religion and must be condemned by all.” “We never tire of repeating that the name of God cannot be used to justify insults. We must always remember... Read More

Vatican Investigating Possible Russian Orthodox Hack Of 2013 Papal Elections

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In a surprise press conference today, Monsignor Buonarroti, Head of the Catholic Internet Agency (CIA), affirmed that in 2013 Russian Orthodox hackers infiltrated the Vatican servers in an attempt to sway the outcome of the latest Papal Conclave that elected Pope Francis. The hack was traced to a group of seminarians based out of a small seminary in suburban Moscow. “They wanted to sew seeds of confusion in the Catholic Church to bring it more in... Read More

Kanye West Meets With Pope Francis To Discuss Liturgy

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Kanye West performing at Lollapalooza on April 3, 2011 in Chile.Photo credit: rodrigoferrari   Kanye West met with Pope Francis on Tuesday, after he was spotted arriving at the Vatican, just days after the rapper was first seen following his hospitalization for exhaustion. West was seen walking in wearing a $10,000 rosary around his neck, a clear sign that he’s been considering converting to Catholicism. He was accompanied by an entourage that included... Read More

Pope Francis Seen Walking Around The Vatican Carrying Bloody, Barbed Wire Baseball Bat

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Rumors out of Rome began swirling yesterday after Pope Francis was seen walking around the Vatican with a bloody, barbed wire baseball bat that many reported hearing the Pontiff refer to as “Saint Lucille.” “It’s really been kinda intense here the past few days,” said Swiss Guard, Luca Shmid. “He’s been walking around with an odd, obnoxious smirk on his face talking about Saint Lucille being thirsty, and... Read More

‘The Walking Pope’ Mid-Season Finale Recap

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Season 3 of The Walking Pope has been a downward slide for EWTN who produced the hit TV show as well as the pontificate it’s based on. As many viewers have said before, many of the problems stem from Francis’s exhausting form of liberal villainy, but he is not the only problem. Last night’s mid-season finale “Sacred and Immaculate Hearts Still Beating” gave viewers brief glimpses of what made the pontificate work before this season... Read More

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