New Evidence Suggests the Real Reason St. Peter Denied Jesus Was Because Christ Healed His Mother-in-Law

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By Kevin Kukla (

In a shocking discovery earlier this month, biblical archeologists uncovered ancient papyri near the tomb of St. Peter in Rome.  They are calling this the “Apocryphal Third Letter of St. Peter.”

Biblical scholars have pored over the Greek text and have reported it contains St. Peter’s recording of his conversation with Jesus just outside the gates of Rome, following Christ’s Ascension into heaven. 

“Quo vadis?” St. Peter asks Jesus upon encounter him.

St. Peter records Christ saying he was going back to Rome to be crucified, to which St. Peter’s Third Epistle now adds details not known before.

“That’s nice–I am getting out of here.”  

After Christ asks his apostle why, St. Peter replies, “Ummm, she won’t stop nagging me. And, with all due respect, Lord, it’s Your fault!”

Scholars were shocked to learn of this exchange, and for a brief moment, wondered to whom St. Peter was referring to before reading on.

“Here I thought she was going to be gone for good, but then you had to raise my mother-in-law back to good health!  Why else would I have I denied you three times during your Passion?”

Christ then is recorded as pleading with St. Peter to reconsider.  He offers to encourage the practice of a celibate priesthood for future priests and bishops of the Church.  This way, none of the future clergy of “The Way” are made to endure the suffering Peter has undertaken at Christ’s behest.

St. Peter then agrees to turn back to Rome, looking forward to his certain martyrdom as a release from having to deal with that woman again.