Local Rad Trad Eagerly Searching For Video Of Pope Francis’ Baptism

August 25, 2020 by  
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Frantically scouring the internet in hopes of discovering video of Pope Francis’ baptism, local rad trad Ezekiel Radcliff told friends that he hoped to find evidence that the baptism was said improperly, thereby proving once and for all that Francis is not a Christian, let alone successor to St. Peter.

“I know it’s a long shot, but since it looks like this guy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I’ve gotta do something,” Radcliff told EOTT, sweat glistening from off his upper lip. “I know that if I could just find the video, maybe, just maybe we can see if the priest baptizing Bergoglio screwed up just like that lib did with that priest in Detroit. And if that’s the case…bingo.”

Radcliff later told EOTT that he would plan a trip to Argentina to further investigate the matter should his search turn up empty.

“Dammit, of course I’d fly to Argentina during a pandemic!” Radcliff screamed. “The fate of Christendom depends on this! This is a spiritual pandemic that I’m trying to cure.”