Unambitious Protester Scales St. Peter’s United Methodist Church

October 5, 2012 by  
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Ocean City, NJ––A New Jersey man has eluded staff and scaled the 30-foot roof of St. Peter’s United Methodist Church to protest the U.S. government and New Jersey policies. The protester, identified as a 45 year old, William Dodd, an out of work pastor, said he was inspired by Italian business owner, Marcello di Finizio, who recently scaled the 448-foot dome of St. Peter’s in Rome. Dodd told Eye of the Tiber from the church roof that among other things, he was angry about the lack of pastoral jobs in the state, and added that would have scaled a taller landmark like “that Italian guy done,” was it not for his fear of heights. Officials said Thursday that Dodd claimed that he would only come down if he was offered a job or it became too dark.