New Poll Shows 50% Of Catholics Disagree With Jesus’ Stance On Gay Marriage

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Novi, MI––A new poll out today shows that about half of Catholics in America still disagree with the Second Person of the Trinity’s stance on gay marriage. The automated poll, commissioned by the USCCB, asked 10,000 Catholics whether they agreed with Jesus’ objection to gay marriage. Of those polled, half said they disagreed with Jesus’ stance because they believed an objection to someones’s freedom of choice was unchristian. When one man polled was asked to rectify the apparent disparity between his belief in the inerrancy of God’s word with his objection to the the inerrancy of God’s word in regards to homosexual unions, he asked, “What does inerrancy mean?” Another woman was asked whether she believed Jesus was unchristian in his stance on gay marriage; “Oh you mean Jesus, Jesus…like as in Jesus Christ,” she responded. “I thought you were talking about that nice Mexican man who sits in the back of church with his family. I was gonna say…he doesn’t seem like the judgmental type.”

  • JohnE

    I though this was supposed to be fake Church news.

  • Steve

    What exactly is Jesus’s stance on gay marriage, and in which book of the New Testament does he write it?

    • Athanasius

      To Steve: To correct you, Jesus did not write anything in the New Testament. You’ll find the answer to your question in Matthew 19 when the Lord speaks to the Pharisees on divorce. The Lord is clear on marriage being between a man and woman when He echoes the words of God the Father in Genesis 2.

      • Michael

        Unfortunately, Athanasius, that’s a pretty good example of eisegesis, reading meanings that are not present into a text. Jesus employed an economy of detail, answering only questions posed to him, and at that, not always answering in a satisfactory manner. Think of his conversation in John with Nicodemus. We can understand it competently because we have been inculturated in Christian theology of Baptism, but Nicodemus would have been quite perplexed. Jesus was answering a question on the morality of divorce. Jesus declared divorce immoral using the example the people of his time knew, heterosexual marriage. It is irresponsible to read into that a condemnation of marriage for gays and lesbians.

        • Daniel

          Athanasius contra munda!
          Michael, although Athanasius fails to fully explain his case, it is more irresponsible to take a single part of scripture without the whole. The Logos cannot contradict his own word. Although Matthew 19 does not defend explicitly from sodomy, as do Romans 1, Corinthians 6 and Timothy 1, it does uphold the natural definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. On sacred scripture, and the Catholic faith (see CCC 2357) there is no room for flexibility on this topic. Jesus’ statement in Matthew 19 “Some are incapable of marriage …” in reference to eunuchs, and natural defects necessitates that there be the possibility for complimentary physical union of the sexes for there to be a valid marriage. Matthew 19, when read with an understanding of what the bible states, and what a complimentary union is, most clearly states what marriage is. Any derivation thereof is gravely disordered.

  • Michael Barsness

    Hey Michael good name, and Daniel good work. Matthew 19 is our only clue to Jesus’ vision of marriage, but taken as a whole scripture supports natural law. God made them male and female, not male and male, or female and female… No go forth and multiplying going on there. The body is important, while having its sinful tendencies due to the fall is actually made good. The body is us and it is no accident that Jesus was the incarnate one who was celibate. His bride is the Church. If we are made for heaven then lets all be celibate. Just kidding. Everything has its purpose, nothing escapes God’s design even when material things are disordered, and sinful. God loves us and wants us to love him not our sexual fantasies.

  • M E Wood

    Beside the point.
    This post is making fun of Polls with slanted questions .which never reflect anything except the opinions of the poll takers.

  • Jim Robertson

    Jesus said nothing about gay marriage. Ever.

    • Andy Unce

      Jesus defines marriage as a man and a woman in Matthew 19:4-5. Yes, it’s true that Jesus loved St. John, he also loved and continues to love all of his disciples everywhere. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to marry them.

      • Jim Robertson

        Bull! Jesus could care less who marries who and what gender they marry. Marriage is a civil contract.

        • Nightwatch

          Brilliant riposte, Jim. What is His stance on sodomy?

  • nannon31

    The last three Popes did a flamenco dance on Romans 13:4 as to the death penalty since 1995…19 years. It is no great wonder then that the laity is doing a like dance atop Romans 1:26-27. When you give a dance, you finally have to pay the band.