Folk Mass Band Upset Over Masses Interrupting Their Concerts

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Yonkers, NY––Blake Jennings, lead guitarist at St. Therese Parish in Yonkers, New York is outraged over what he calls “years of concerts being interrupted by the Mass.” The 56-year-old accountant and father of three has played with his band at the 9:30 Folk Mass since 2009. “Our fans love us,” Jennings said, after Sunday Mass. “You can see it in their eyes…the way they droop down, lazily closing as we play…as if they’re entering into some kind of ecstasy. Or the way some in the parish are so moved they just can’t stand another moment of joy, and simply walk out…presumably to get some air.” But according to Jennings, many in the band have been becoming ever frustrated with the frequent interruptions to their concerts. “Father’s always interrupting…always trying to upstage us. First it’s a gospel, then a homily, eventually the words of consecration…there’s always something with this guy.” Jennings has recently begun a petition, and hopes to get 2,000 signatures to send to the diocese.


  • Oh that this didn’t ring true!

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  • secondeve

    Whoaa!! Way cool, a mandolin and a banjo!!!

    • Sine Nomine

      What?!? No drums?!?

  • I think I’ve heard that band! I remember my eyes drooping in ecstasy.

    • SJ Man

      Yeah, I actually heard “Let it Be” and “You Raise Me Up” at a Mass once. We are also “blessed” to have a “Children’s” Choir made up halfway with adults in university who won’t cross the aisle into the adult choir. I guess the snacks at practice are better…. They have changed their name to the “Youth” Choir” so you can join as long as you’re not married. They use a drum for a few of the hymns which sounds like an Indian war drum. Unfortunately, this is the Mass my wife and kids want to attend. At least they are helping to take days off my Purgatory……

  • Richard Smith

    There is no such Catholic parish in Yonkers, New York.
    This smells very fishy to me.

    • Rose

      This entire site is satirical so all the articles are fake but play on certain truths within the church.

    • Paul

      You want fishy? Try St. Theresa’s on Eastchester. That’s fishy.

  • Smashing. Very funny

  • Buzz351

    Someone tell the lead guitarist that Dunwoodie Golf Course would not permit him on the course with those shorts and sandles. If you want respect show a little, you’re not above the Mass..We came to hear God’s word not some novus ordo Partridge Family folk goup.

  • Pete

    Obviously a joke but Bluegrass would be welcome at my church. The “music” they groan out now is horrible. I would much rather hear “Down by the banks of the Ohio” than some of the junk they sing at mass. Come to think about it “Old Blue” would be very much preferred. It would be great to sing that song while our companion dogs head down the isle for communion and treats..

  • Jan

    I’m pretty sure I’ve been to that Mass 😉

  • mary c.

    I go to Mass to worship our Lord. I do not go to listen to the noise of a band..UGGG. This is a sick joke. All Catholics should be at Mass for worship.

  • tishmorgna

    Chill out folks, it is a spoof of the hippies still lingering in our midst. lol I think it was brilliant.

    • Beattitude

      I got a kick out of this post.
      I assumed (hoped) this was just a spoof.
      As a spoof, it’s a real funny.
      If it’s not it’s a real tragedy.

  • What would these guys think if someone told them that not them or even the priest should be the focus of the Mass, but God?

    • Dawn

      Sigh, these posts are deliberately sarcastic. Take a look at the rest of the site and you’ll see it shining through.

  • Clara

    It isn’t April Fools Day is it?

    • John Kloess

      How would the Eye even come up with something for that. They would have to write serious article to even things out.

  • Mack in Texas

    Did someone photoshop away the dangling microphones and Peavey speakers?

  • Ron

    Important note…the picture is of a group playing at Trinity Episcopal Church in New Orleans, LA. So, yeah, this is a spoof.

    • Neo-Pelagian Rosary Counter!

      Can’t imagine a Catholic Church that still had an altar rail would allow folk singers in the sanctuary!

      • TRATIC

        Yes a Catholic church which still has their altar rails allowed the folk group to play in the Sanctuary. St. Columba’s long tower Derry

        • disqus_Qmc7pDyHTl

          I’ve actually been to that church, much nicer than the Cathedral in Derry!

      • Vince M Sr

        only the Spanish Mass has that now. We have to endure bad organ noise.

      • Christina

        Ah, you haven’t been to my church … not a band in the Sanctuary, but an actor performing a play!!! (this is for reals)

  • Bill

    Just for the record: I LOVE THIS SITE! I just stumbled over it. Hilarious! Keep up the great work.

  • Steven

    Sounds some of the members of our choir. At least they sing proper music like Palestrina or Gregorian Chant and such.

    • Michael

      AWESOME!! Nothing like Traditional REAL music! 🙂

      • Vince M Sr

        traditional=real? We make our own traditions. Noise from an organ isn’t a tradition it’s a tragedy!

  • Michael

    As a traditional organist, I am appalled at this man’s attitude. From what I get from his idiotic statement is that his “Concert Band” is more important than the Holy Mass?? This sure is blasphemous! I am NOT giving ‘concerts’ when I play the organ at Mass. This disgusts me! Ban the Folk Groups NOW!!

    • Frances

      Pay attention, folks. This is a SPOOF. If you do not understand what that means or don’t have a sense of humor then don’t attempt a comment.

      I, for one, think it’s brilliant. Ironically enough, this was shared by the wonderful priest that married us (at least he has a good sense of humor)!

      • Jayman

        Agreed. I can’t believe that so many people would think this a real article. Get a sense of humor, people!

    • Steve

      How can people not get that this is a parody?

      • Daniel

        I would say it’s probably because there are so many fanatics who actually behave like the fictional character in the article….

        • Anthony Kaiser

          LOL, true. I heard a priest at St. Paul, Bloomington, IN (IU’s Newman Center) thank the choir, refering to the male choir led by a woman as “her boytoys.” That and other unorthodoxy (same priest began Mass with “Peace be with you” proper to a bishop). Hence, the church earned it’s deserved nickname “St. Paul outside the Church.”

    • Vince M Sr

      don’t care if this is satire I still hate organ noise disguised as worship music!

  • Shannon

    This is really stupid, spoof or not, and not at all representative of the wonderful guitar/piano based music that dominates the liturgical music landscape and isn’t going away. Grow up.

    • Mark Magister

      It’s going away, Shannon, because it’s awful and not Catholic and frankly against every recommendation made for liturgical music by the Church. If you don’t get a sour stomach just seeing the picture above – grown adults playing immature music and strumming away in front of a *beautiful* altar which demands so much more – then you are the one who needs an aesthetic house cleaning.

      • Vince M Sr

        better than loud crap coming from a poorly played organ.

        • Mark Magister

          That’s not much of an argument. I think you know that. Also, qualify the word “crap.” I’ll take poorly played Bach over “Gather us in” any day of the week.

          • Vince M Sr

            often poorly played on an organ!

          • Vince M Sr

            Too loud, too much of the wrong “voices” , wrong pedals being pushed. Just poorly played because they are not educated enough to play well. Biggest issue I have is trying to sing louder than the organ is being played and too many sounds which drown out the line of music the people sing too the result being people get so frustrated knowing what the melody line is they just stop singing and the end result is God does not receive the Glory He deserves.

    • munch01907

      that’s quite an oxymoron, Shannon: using “wonderful” as an adjective describing “guitar music”………

    • munch01907

      and most of the contemporary “Christian” guitar/folk band music is far from liturgically correct…

  • I once attended a Choir festival at St. Anthony Padua Church in Lancaster PA, and there was a guitar choir with 7 guitars, some electric, some acoustic, but all out of tune with each other. It was painful. Brought tears to my eyes.

  • Daniel De Kok

    A mighty wind’s a-blowin…and it isn’t even Pentecost.

  • joe

    Is this a joke? Or is it real?

    • Rose Lincoln


  • Mary Ann Andersen

    No matter how old this is it’s still funny/sad. No gitboxes in our church anymore, tho, or drums. Organ only, with occasional piano accompaniment when the other musician does the music.

  • Frank Hammond

    This life in hell known as the Folk Mass was created by Marty Haugen and David Hass. The torture is worse than being a prisoner in Gitmo.

  • Richard Baker

    There is no St. Therese Parish in Yonkers, New York…..and this pic looks like they are in a Protestant Church.

    • Monk

      Let’s just call it a mixed metaphor. That doesn’t negate the reality.

    • pat

      how can you tell the difference?

    • Richard Mondak

      Considering that there is guy in khaki shorts (who is playing a Martin D-28 or maybe a D-35), I would (embarrassingly) put my money on this being a Catholic Church – and definitely not a SSPX parish. Looks like a pretty good Bluegrass Group, though. Are they somewhere in Appalachia?