Pope Michael I Announces Location Of Upcoming World Youth Day

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Pope Michael I interviewed by reporters after the World Youth Day announcement

Belvue, KS–Conclavist claimant to the papacy David Bawden, better known as Pope Michael I, announced today in his Wednesday general audience to his mother and four individuals who happened to be walking by, that next year’s World Youth Day would be held at his next door neighbor’s backyard. “I announce with great joy that World Youth Day 2013 will take place in my neighbor Willie’s back yard,” Bawden proclaimed to the crowd of five from his porch as he rocked back and forth on his swing chair. The Pope’s spokesman, Mrs. Bawden, told the press that her son was excited with the location since it would provide spacious room for his three nieces and four nephews who are all expected to attend the annual event. “His holiness is very excited for World Youth Day. Last year we had a record turn out with nearly nine teenagers from over three countries show up. Technically three countries, I should say. Timmy, our newspaper boy, is part German, part Ukrainian, and part Czechoslovakian.”

  • Joe

    With due deference to the Muse, may I suggest that this is perilously close to making fun of someone who is obviously mentally ill?

    • http://southernvermontcrank.blogspot.com/ I am not Spartacus


    • Helen

      Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

  • http://www.philomenasmile.wordpress.com Anna Dawson

    We drive by his neighborhood sometimes for giggles, to see how His Holiness is doing. Gotta love the local loonies.

  • Panda Rosa

    Actually a backyard get-together sounds like fun. Do you want me to bring the potato salad?

  • http://southernvermontcrank.blogspot.com/ I am not Spartacus

    Pope Michael I ?

    He couldn’t hold a taper to Pope Gregory XVII, now sadly deceased, who was aces in the vestments department.

  • http://www.pope-speaks.com Pope Michael

    You got a few things wrong. I am not in Belvue, Kansas. Anna obviously knows this. (How do you like the gravel roads, Anna?) Neighbors are not likely to be walking by, especially in the weather today. I don’t have a neighbor named Willie. Also I have three nephews and three nieces. I have no plans for a world youth day, but a backyard get together in better weather would be nice. However, it won’t be in Kansas, as I shall not be here much longer.

    • http://notontimsblogroundhere.blogspot.com Hans-Georg Lundahl

      I am sometimes very fed up with Benedict XVI (as when a/ he invited no creationists, according to Mark Shea and b/ nominated a freemason to the Papal Commission of Sciences or whatever it’s called), and I am not sure Gregory XVIII has abandoned his second predecessors *dogmatising* of one-moment creationism.

      Now one moment creationism is problematic. If the one moment began on a Sunday, what was the first full length or half length weekday?

      Are you still claiming that wheat flour without the bran cannot be used to bake valid matter for Eucharist?

  • Rodger Earl

    Please turn the comments off in your blog. Would be much funnier without.

  • maryedith

    I love the comments!

  • Cassandra

    Aaaak! Pope Michael has abandoned the red slippers!
    Is there no traditional pope left?!!!


    I don’t know if this guy has mental issues or not, but he certainly has no more mental issues than any other man who claims to be ‘god on earth’ like the popes do…