“Our Father” Ringtone Conveniently Goes Off During “Our Father,” Keeping Everyone In Key

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Topeka, KS–According to sources at Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish in Topeka, Kansas, a phone belonging to an unidentified person went off early Sunday morning during the Our Father, despite the pastor’s repeated requests that all parishioners turn off their cell phones. “Isn’t it just a switch to turn your phone to vibrate?” Fr. Howard Davidow asked reporters. “I mean, my phone has this nifty little button, and when you move it up, it silences the phone…and when you move it down, it turns the sound back on. But maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on my parishioners. I mean, maybe I just have this magical phone that no one else has, that has these special superpowers and super-features that can silence within a millisecond.” But although frustrated, Davidow did go on to say that though the unidentified phone did go off during the Our Father, that the ringtone, by the grace of God, happened to be the Our Father ringtone, telling reporters that it also just so happened to have perfectly coincided with the part of the prayer they were singing at that very moment, miraculously and temporarily transforming his tone-deaf congregation into a choir of angels. “Well as St. Paul says, ‘In all things God works for the good of those who love him.'”

  • Stephen

    The best I heard was a priest whose ring tone was a cough. That way he could pretend to cough if he forgot to turn his phone off and it coughed during Mass.

  • Kathy C

    My phone went off at Mass once, at the bottom of my purse where it took me a long time to find it. The next morning an anonymous donor had emailed me a ringtone for “Ode to Joy.” I wish I knew who did it because I thought it was hysterically funny.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish in Topeka, Kansas.


  • Praedicator

    It’s not even the right tone.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      It’s the “right” tone for the Revised Roman Missal. This is the one that’s in the Latin editio typica. The American bishops decided to go with the one we all know and love (the “Snow” version) in the main body of the Missal. It was probably a good decision since it’s one of the few things that most everyone sings well, and why mess with that?

  • A few months ago, I heard a ring that sounded like bells going off during the Consecration and Elevation of the Precious Blood.

  • Ronnie

    “Our Lady Star of the Sea” in Topeka Kansas? O-kayyyyyy….And is there a ring tone for the “Glory to God” and “Holy, Holy, Holy”? Those are hard to sing!!!