Area Catholic Preparing To Be Notified About Dirt On Forehead All Day Long

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Watertown, MN––While receiving ashes on his forehead at St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Watertown, Minnesota early this morning, area Catholic Trevor Davis fervently prayed for patience to endure what he expected to be a “long day filled with well-intentioned, yet obnoxious remarks” about the dirt on his forehead. “Look, here’s the deal,” he reportedly told St. Monica, the Patron Saint of Patience, as he returned to his pew. “I know it should be an opportunity to evangelize, but come on…we do this every year, and every year people act like it’s the first time they’ve ever seen a Catholic on Ash Wednesday?” Davis later went on to pray, asking his Guardian Angel to protect him from the horde of nominal Catholic friends that didn’t make it to Mass, and that were inevitably bound to ask him if he wouldn’t mind bumping heads just a bit. At press time, a nominal Catholic stranger at the local coffee shop was in the process of informing Davis that he had indeed completely forgotten about Ash Wednesday due to getting “smashed” on Mardi Gras.

  • Luke

    A serious Catholic question for the seriously-Catholic readers of a less-than-serious Catholic website:

    How is wearing ashes on our foreheads to mark the beginning of a season of fasting not in violation of the Gospel message for the same day? “When you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites…” What could be more gloomy than wearing ashes? In fact, it is ~almost~ as if Christ warns against this exact practice: “When you fast… wash your face, so that you may not appear to be fasting.” My forehead is hardly the ideal place for me to remind myself of my fast, but it is the ideal place for making a show of my fast before my neighbors. If a non-Catholic neighbor asks me why I am wearing ashes, and I explain all about Ash Wednesday and Lent, this implies to him – since I am wearing the ashes, which he has clearly noticed – that I too am fasting. But if I allow him to find out that I am fasting, don’t I already have my reward here on earth?

    Please note that this question is not in any way a challenge to the authority of the Church – it is asked by a faithful and obedient Catholic, whose faith seeks understanding. Please, no vitriolic rants or knee-jerk answers: I seek only a well-thought-out answer that understands my confusion and addresses it with an authoritative teaching.

    • Kat

      That’s a really good question, and something I’ve wrestled with, too. I’m hoping someone else will chime in here, as well, but here’s what I was told when I asked the question of a Catholic who’s far beyond me in knowledge/spirituality:

      The ashes are not a symbol of fasting (to exemplify that, note that even little kids, old people, and pregnant women get ashes, even though they’re completely exempt from the fasting and abstinence regs). They’re a sacramental to remind us that we are sinners. Just like the people who sat down in the ashes and rent their clothes to show their repentance (because we’re a physical people – body and soul – and need our symbols), the ashes on our foreheads are a small way to remind us that we need to turn ourselves back to Christ, who raises us from the dust to which we shall return.

      • Joe

        You shouldn’t look gloomy when you have the ashes on your forehead.

    • John

      Hello! It’s a good question, but the ashes have nothing to do with fasting.

      The ashes are there to remind us that we are dust, and that to dust we will return. Thus, we need to “repent and believe in the Gospel.”

      God bless!

    • frahobbit

      An answer I gave to myself is that to do what all the rest of the church is doing does not “singularize” yourself [IN ORDER to be seen]; it shows we are as a corporate body [ ??(] doing a faith action in unity. That action is in obedience to Christ. The fasting and prayer that are done in secret are those that express your personal union with God; if done publicly it is merely to appear singular and of exalted holiness.

    • Martha

      Ha! That’s a good one, Luke. Quite the conundrum, actually. ;D

  • Jerømie

    Revelation 13:16 “It also forced all people,
    great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on
    their right hands or on their foreheads”

    • Allen Lyons

      Fortunately, no one is “forced.” Instead it’s a voluntary acknowledgment of our own mortality. A sign of humbling ourselves before God.

      • Jerømie

        Oh how quickly you forget our history. The prophecy of Revelation was fulfilled by your church. Once completed, there is no going back. A simple swipe on the forehead now, before you were slaughtered for not being of your evil church. A sign of morality. Don’t make me laugh. Just because your religious leaders wear sheep skin, doesn’t make them any less wolves. Again, another prophecy fulfilled by your church. Even 666, the number of the beast, is directly pointing to the number of Rome, 500, 100, 50, 10, 5, 1. Add left to right, the number of the beast is the Roman numeral system. Every action Rome has done, including stealing and counterfeiting the real message of the messiah, has been done by the hands of Satan. Your church is the synagogue of Satan, and all Christian churches which splinter from its rotten trunk are equally dirty with the murdered blood of an innocent man.

        You are not saved from anything. You are from what we need saved.

        • I really like your comment! Why don’t you expand it a little bit and submit it to EOTT as an article? I’m sure it would produce many a laugh.

        • Jonathan Carp

          DCLXVI? What the hell do you think that spells?

          • Jerømie

            That would be 666. I don’t buy into the hoopla that it is a secret code to spell out Nero. The Roman numeral system, 666, was common when Revelation was written, it was how Rome did business. That 666 is the numbering system of Rome is not a coincidence when 666 is also the number of the Beast. Read the NT. It is a story of Rome stealing the land of Israel and a people rising up against Rome. Rome killed Yeshua. Rome beheaded his mentor “John the Baptist.” Rome was the enemy. Why should it be surprising that Rome is referred to as the Beast by a man who Rome had exiled. That Christianity was taken over and controlled by Rome was not a good thing. Christianity is not of Christ. Christianity is anti-Christ. Christianity calling itself a religion of Christ is a Satanic deceit. Satan calling himself God is not a new concept. It is what Satan does.

          • Jonathan Carp

            You said ” Even 666, the number of the beast, is directly pointing to the number of Rome, 500, 100, 50, 10, 5, 1. Add left to right, the number of the beast is the Roman numeral system.”

            500, 100, 50, 10, 5, and 1 adds to 666, yeah, and in Roman numerals is DCLXVI, but the Roman numeral system includes M for a thousand, S for one-half, and a system of dots for other fractions between 1/12 and 11/12. So, again, what in the world are you talking about?

          • Anna

            But you forgot he specified “add left to right.” The commutative property is obviously another Papist add-on to True Math, just like 1000 and 1/2 because, um, because there weren’t originally numbered chapters and verses in the Bible and numbers are another satanic add-on. Or something.

    • Jane777

      Not funny. Ash Wednesday is not the beast in the book of revelation.

      • Jerømie

        No, the Roman church is the Beast. Satan wants to be God. Thus why he is prone to setting up churches to worship him and his actions. The blood ritual you do, is a satanic ritual. You worship the murder of an innocent man.

        • Jane777

          But we weekly say the Nicene Creed in church. It starts with “I believe in God the Father almighty creator of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ his only son, Our Lord”. The Vatican requires the Nicene Creed to be said weekly. I don’t think the Beast would allow it’s church to believe in Jesus Christ and weekly profess it. The Catholic Church believes in Jesus. Please consider that.
          And all bibles with the NT and OT have a page 666 in it. Doesn’t mean it’s of the beast. It’s just coincidence.

          • Jerømie

            I never said anything about page numbers. The number of the beast is easier than that. It isn’t a code, it is really simple, something John was very familiar with: The Roman numeral system. 500-100-50-10-5-1, a numbering system that at the time was common. 666 was how Rome did business, something as common as our numbering system 0-10 that replaced it. The number of the Beast, 666, was John telling us not to trust Rome. Everything he said Rome would do has come true through the Catholic church. When Rome took over Christianity it was not a good thing. From that moment on the religion became a religion of Satan.

            The Nicene creed is wrong. Jesus was not a Roman deity. He did not die as a sacrifice, he was murdered. The Trinity is true, and in this image we are created, but only with a Jewish understanding are we able to make sense of the Trinity. We are created in the image of the Trinity: Mind, Body, and Spirit. The All knowing omniscient Father: The Mind. “In the Flesh,” the Body, and the Holy Spirit: Spirit. Mind, Body, and Spirit. But Jesus represents the Body of God similarly to how a cracker represents the body of Jesus; it’s not a good representation. I AM that which I AM: God is everything. Everything around you including yourself is part of the Body of God. Everything is of God, for God, by God. Nothing exists that does not serve God. Nothing exists that is not part of God. The Body of God is infinite in both time and space. The universe itself is God, the laws of physics are God’s laws.

            Knowing the truth will set you free. Christianity is not of Christ. Christianity is Anti-Christ. The bloody and evil history of the politics of Christianity should have clued your ancestors in to this, but the greed for Heaven blinded them.

          • Rusty

            You are a gnostic. Augustine was originally a gnostic, got better, and exploded any credibility surrounding gnosticism, so you have nothing to say here. Nada.

          • Jerømie

            “Jesus” was also Gnostic. Your point is invalid. I feel sorry for people like you, those who only accept something if a (now defunct) government endorses it. As if politicians ever had your spiritual needs in mind. Yet scrolling through the history of Christianity, it is always politicians in control of what is printed, what is believed, and what is practiced.

        • MarcAlcan

          How totally stupid and ignorant you are.
          That’s the problem when you are divorced from the Church of Christ, you learn a lot of bogus interpretation of the Bible.

          • Jerømie

            Right, because the government mandated interpretation is the best. Silly sheep. You don’t even know your own history and ignore what is blatantly in front of you.

          • MarcAlcan

            What you mean is YOU don’t know your own history. Whereas everyone knows the ills of the Church (and the mound of myths perpetrated by Protestants), your kind are totally oblivious to the bloody history of Protestantism that no less than your own founder have said that the Protestants have themselves become worse than those they wanted to reform.

          • Jerømie

            I know the history backwards and forwards. Better than most, I wasn’t educated from a bias institution like most religious “scholars.” But I’m not going to defend against ad hominem. Its a waste of my time. Did you know we get the word “propaganda” from the RCC in describing their own actions to propagate the “faith.” You and the religion you worship are hypocrites.

          • MarcAlcan

            I know the history backwards and forwards.

            Wonderful! Then write them here.

          • MarcAlcan

            By the way, if I am a silly sheep, does that mean you are a goat (Matt 25:31-46) ?

  • Nick B.

    A very good question. To me, the ashes are not supposed to attract positive attention (Look at me, I’m so holy), but are rather a sign of humility (Look at me, I made from dust and I’m gonna be dust). They can also be an opportunity to evangelize, if someone asks why you have that ridiculous mark on your forehead!

  • Lee Bacchi

    But since the ashes are supposed to come from last year’s remaining palms from Holy Week, the ashes are a sign of rebirth. Also, ashes were used in the past to clean (a kind of soap, if you will), so thus a sign of the inner cleansing of sin through repentance.

  • Allen Lyons

    Remember, Luke, nothing says you have to keep them on all day, or even after you’ve left the church. It’s the act of going forward and receiving the ashes that is the act of humility; your acknowledgment of your mortality as we enter the season of repentance and preparation for Christ’s conquering the “ashes” of death and our rising with him on Easter. So if it bothers you or seems contrary to the Gospel (although, as John said, it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re fasting), wash them off. That’s perfectly acceptable.

  • Jane777

    The ashes are to remind us of what God said to us in the book of genesis in the bible, “you are dust and to dust you shall return”. The ashes are a reminder that we are dust and will die. So be a good Catholic while you’re still alive.