New Study: Sedevacantists Feeling Our Pain…A Lot

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Oyster Bay Cove, NY–A new study out today by the Society of St. Pius V reveals that 85% of its members are currently feeling the pain of non-sedevacantist Catholics. The study, done at the Church of Saint Luke in Oyster Bay Cove, New York, asked 200 parishioners to rate how much of non-sedevacantist Catholics’ pain they felt in regards to the current Sede Vacante at the Vatican. “We asked them to rate their feelings on a scale of 8 to 10. 10 being A lot,” St. Luke Pastor Fr. Gregory Pierce told reporters. “Of the 200 polled, 170 said that they had no words to describe the pain they felt.” Pierce went on to reiterate “a lot,” telling reporters that when he said “a lot,” that he meant, “a lot, a lot,” before bitterly adding, “For goodness sakes…43 freaking years or so we’ve been going through this. Do you know what that feels like? I mean, multiply the one week you all have been going through this, times 48 weeks a year, times our 43 years…basically, we feel your pain about 2,064 times more than you.”

  • A Cynic

    However, when asked directly, Bishop Kelly responded “The papal office is just figurative anyway, so why does it matter?”

  • asshur

    48 weeks a year? I didn’t know that the SSPV were also “Old-Calendarists”.
    By old I mean very, very old It does not work with any post Trent rubrics ,,,

  • phred

    Isn’t it the sspx, not sspv?

    • Robin Hood

      Well technically the SSPX isn’t a Sedevacantist group, as they do believe the real Pope to be the Pope. They just chose not to listen very well to him. The SSPV on the other hand…..actually they themselves can’t seem to decide if they recognize the Pope or not as legit in their eyes.

    • asshur

      No, the sedevacantists -at least those in this article- are the Society of Saint Pius V, plus their splits.
      The SSPX, at least pro-forma, recognizes the Bishop of Rome as Pope

  • mamalove

    well, it seems Cardinal Dolan does not listen very well to the pope either, so the SSPX are in “good” company….at least the SSPX are still Catholic

  • CumExApostolatus

    How is the Bergoglio thing working out for all of you now?