Pope Francis To Investigate Roman Curia On TV Show “Undercover Boss”

April 25, 2013 by  
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Undercover Pope

ROME–Executives from CBS confirmed Wednesday that Chief Executive Officer of The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church Pope Francis would be appearing in this season’s finale of the hit television show Undercover Boss. The finale, slated to appear in late May, will feature the Pontiff taking on an alias and fictional backstory as he navigates his way through different parts of the Vatican in an attempt to investigate the inner workings of the Curia. Series Creator and Producer Stephen Lambert told Eye of the Tiber that it was one of the most difficult episodes he’s ever worked on. “Usually it’s the CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS or something, so it’s typically a lot easier to hide their identity…but when it’s the Bishop of Rome, that’s when it gets a bit tricky.” Lambert went on to say that the episode had some hallmark moments, especially the moment his true identity is revealed. “Everyone is shocked, as expected. But what really shocked us most was how many people said, ‘Oh, crap,’ after the revelation.”