Jason Evert Gives Chastity Talk To Roman Curia

March 10, 2014 by  
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Members of the Roman Curia and their parents were treated with a chastity talk at the Vatican auditorium this week by well-known chastity speaker Jason Evert.

The talk focused on key points from his new book, Theology of the Body for the Roman Curia, covering questions such as “At what stage in the life of someone in the Curia should parents talk to their son about chastity?” and “Tips for parents to help them raise the difficult topic of sex with their sons in the Curia.”

“I was so moved,” said longtime member of the Roman Curia Alberto Aggio. “At first, me and my friends were all like, ‘This is so stupid,’ you know? But then we were like ‘Whatever,’ because we get to get out of work for like an hour.” Aggio went on to say that at the beginning of the talk, he and his friends in the Roman Curia spent most of their time throwing balls of paper at Evert and laughing every time he mentioned the word “Sex,” but that by the end of the talk, they were all captivated by the wit, humor, and “realness” with which Evert delivered his message.

“He’s just this normal, cool guy…like us, you know? He was totally at our level,” Aggio told EOTT during lunchtime after the talk. “I didn’t know you could be cool without having to violate my priestly vow of chastity. I always thought I’d be made fun of.”

By the end of the conference, almost the entire Curia signed Commitment Cards, putting their promise of purity in ink.