EWTN Set To Premiere New Epic Series, Game Of Papal Thrones

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Image: Andrew Hermiz There was some exciting news for Game of Thrones fans who also happen to love Jesus today after EWTN announced that they are set to premiere their brand new epic, Game of Papal Thrones. “The launch of the new GoPT series will truly be a global Catholic television event,” said Jonathan Nunez, Associate Producer of the series based on the bestselling novel, A Gregorian Chant of Ice and Fire. “Game of Thrones is already a worldwide... Read More

Francis’ General Audience Address Bears Striking Resemblance To Melania Trump Speech

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Image: Mark Nozell (Flikr) A number of paragraphs from Pope Francis’ Wednesday General Audience speech appear to have been lifted from Melania Trump’s Republican National Convention speech. Francis aide Monsignor Guido Marini said late this afternoon that Francis wrote the speech largely on his own, telling EOTT that, “I read it once over, and that’s all. His Holiness wrote it…with as little help as possible.” During the address,... Read More

Cardinal Nichols Asks Priests To Face Him During Mass

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In response to Cardinal Sarah’s remarks on celebrating the liturgy ad orientem, Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols wrote to his priests yesterday confirming his wish that all priests should face him while celebrating Mass. Nichols cited rubric 299a of his edition of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM), which says, “The altar should be built separate from the wall, in such a way that it is possible to walk around... Read More

Priest On Cell Crawling Beneath Pews During Mass Trying To Catch Pokemon Creatures

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Local priest Father John Ross is being accused of delaying Mass for up to an hour Sunday morning after pausing during the middle of The Presentation of the Gifts to catch a Pikachu, several parishioners have reported. Ross admitted to the diocesan officials that he was playing the newly released Pokemon Go app while saying the Mass. “Fr. Ross has admitted to simultaneously saying Mass while trying to catch a Kipachu or Pikachu or whatever,” one official... Read More

Pope Francis Thinks Facing Mecca During Mass A Great Idea

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Image: JennyR18 Responding to Cardinal Robert Sarah’s suggestion that priests celebrate Mass ad orientem, or facing east, Pope Francis today praised the idea, asking all priests to face Mecca while saying Mass. Speaking to a large crowd at his weekly Wednesday Audience in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope said that facing Mecca during Mass could be the ecumenical boost the Church and the east need “in these dark times.” “It is very important that... Read More