Priest Magician Performs Folk Mass Illusion; Makes Parishioners Disappear

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Las Vegas, NV––Citing a large demand for his Folk Mass illusion, part-time magician Fr. George Richmond of Las Vegas, Nevada told reporters Sunday that he would begin to perform the trick every Sunday at 9:00 am. “I remember last time I performed the illusion, I was able to make nearly every one of my parishioners disappear,” said Richmond, noting that he has many other tricks as well, including Clown Mass and Gay Mass illusions. “The Folk Mass, though, is my favorite, and easily one of the most difficult for me to successfully perform.” Richmond later noted his inability to make anyone above the age of 50 or 60 disappear. “I’m still at a loss at what I’m doing wrong there. I’m only able to make a few of the older generation parishioners vanish during the trick, whereas every young person in attendance vanishes as expected. Another issue is that I still haven’t found a way to make anyone reappear after the trick is completed. It’s kinda like sawing the woman in half and forgetting how to make her whole again.”

  • The funny thing is that I know a priest who was a magician before you was ordained, and every now and then he will pull out a trick or two in a homily. It’s actually pretty great way to bring a point home sometimes.

  • Panda Rosa

    REappearing, now that is the hard part.

  • secondeve

    ” It’s kinda like sawing the woman in half and forgetting how to make her whole again.” “Whole again”. That is a profound quote inside a remarkable parody.

  • Is this article a joke or are we sinking into the realm of the demonic?

    • Will


    • The demonic. Trust me.

  • K C Thomas

    Is the magic performed on Sundays and in Church ? Then it does not seem to be good. I do not understand why the parishioners should disappear. Does the magic increase the faith ? Any other good than mere entertainment ? He can perform the magic once a week with Bishop’s permission and collect money for a good charity

    • Jeff

      The magic is not magic… He’s just boring so people leave and never come back, thus “disappearing”.

  • Jerry Selby

    They don’t call Las Vegas Sin City for nothing.
    Where is his bishop?
    This priest may be very talented and to use his talents for the benefit of his parishioners is fine. BUT – to do this before, during or after Mass is deplorable.

  • Hey, you guys are not getting this, the satire that is

  • Viterbo Fangirl

    Oh dear… Pew Sitter is quite scandalized! ^_~

    • Vegas Catholic

      I noticed that too. Attention Pewsitter folks! As a Vegas Catholic (note the handle), I can assure you that there is no priest by the name of George Richmond in Las Vegas. In addition, by order of the Bishop, magic acts are only allowed at the Vigil Bingo Mass held at the Tropicana on Saturdays at 6:00 pm. They most certainly are not allowed at the Pai Gow Mass held at TI. Our Bishop has standards.

      • Cindy Coleman

        Best reply EVER! When I first found this website, I laughed at the satire in the posts. Now I find the comments of those who actually take the posts seriously to be truly LOL funny–in some cases funnier than the posts.

        But your reply….I just know there are going to be visitors to Vegas trying to find that Vigil Bingo Mass!!!!

      • Richard Mondak

        I met your Bishop a few years ago! I walked to Mass from the Venetian, Nice guy.
        I remember my first visit to Las Vegas in 1973. My Aunt told me that I could put casino chips in the collection. It was absolutely TRUE!

  • Matthew

    Wow!! I guess it is true the internet is not for the humor impaired. I cannot believe that anyone is taking this seriously. This is a parody of the reality that “Folk Masses” tend to drive people away especially young people.
    I guess satire really is impossible these days because people are clueless!

  • Lorraine

    I’m not sure what the content of the “replies” reflects…..most are very serious and miss the point of the post. ALL good humor contains a bit of truth…..and God can use humor to great effect. Lighten up gang!

  • PJParks

    The Folk masses drove me away when I was 13. It took 40 years to recover from that wound.