Study Finds Wearing Mantilla Increases Confession Time By 2,500%

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  New research published by Christendom College suggests that the wearing of a mantilla dramatically increases the wearers time spent in confession by up to 2,500%. The researchers stated that among the most important elements they studied was the amount of time spent confessing sins that were not actually sins, as well as past sins that, for some reason or another, they found necessary to confess again. “For some mysterious reason, the mantilla... Read More

Seminary Recruiting Scandal Rocks Diocese

September 28, 2017 by  
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Image_Chris Watson   The USCCB’s crackdown on seminary recruiting corruption rocked the Archdiocese of Louisville Wednesday after head  of the Vocation Office was fired days after his seminary acknowledged  its part in a federal bribery investigation. According to the USCCB, an unnamed seminarian asked for $50,000 if seminaries wanted to secure his place in their diocese. Catholic media identified the player as Robin Carpenter, whom Supplication... Read More

Parishioners Refuse To Stand During The Our Father

September 25, 2017 by  
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  [News Brief] Catholics parishioners across the U.S. protested during the Our Father Sunday in defiance of Pope Francis, who said that parishioners who kneel during the “Lord’s Prayer” should be denied communion. Many parishioners sat, kneeled, or stayed inside restrooms during the recitation of the Our Father, with some pastors encouraging parishioners to express themselves. Demonstrations began Sunday when nearly two dozen parishioners of... Read More

USCCB Forbids Catholic Organizations From Creating Anything That Looks Even Remotely Close To Being In The Same Vicinity As Up-to-Date

September 20, 2017 by  
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  USCCB spokesman, Bishop Roger Belvedere confirmed this week that any Catholic organization attempting to make themselves appear current will be suppressed, as “anything that appears technologically modern is directly contrary to the Holy Spirit.” “Everything from websites to event flyers to marketing materials will be monitored and under careful scrutiny beginning this week,” Belvedere told the press. “In addition, we will soon begin the... Read More

Bloodied Sister Desperately Scrambling To Get Hold Of Phone Before Chainsaw Nun Arrives

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Image-NicksSawMart   In the aftermath of seven unexplained murders at St. Therese Convent in Miami, Florida, local novitiate Sister Martha Mary is reportedly crawling toward a cell phone located just out of arms reach before the mysterious Chainsaw Nun gets to her. In an exclusive interview with EOTT moments ago, sources hiding in a closet filled with loose hanging pots and pans said that the sound of the chainsaw was getting ever closer to Sister... Read More

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